Gift cards and accessories

Passing on joy

There is an upcoming special event for your significant other, a friend or a family member and you still have not found a suitable present? Why not surprise your dearest with a gift card for natural greenery, that will last far longer than a conventional bunch of flowers?! Choose this special gift also for those, who seem to have already everything. Be it as a birthday gift, on the wedding anniversary, or be it as a Christmas present or for a housewarming party - with a styleGREEN gift card you will pass on joy to plant lovers, design enthusiasts as well as to interior trendsetters. 

Little helpers

Here you will find accessories for our products, like for example screw sets for an easy suspension of our green pieces of art or the odor neutralizer for those, who don´t like the typical natural smell of plants and mosses. What more, you can also find our styleGREEN INDIVIDUAL sample set, which you as a project partner can use to present our products to your clients.