Reindeer moss

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Looking for the special touch?

Our designer pieces made of nordic island moss and reindeer moss and preserved naturally with salt, are particularly attractive due to their unusual style, the wild look and the soft feel of the scandinavian lichen. As a true quick-change artist, this reindeer product is a perfect match, not only for bidimensional pictures and pictograms, but also for threedimensional pieces like spheres or the unique "green stones". That´s how you can effectively bring a natural and at the same time artistic touch into the interiors.

Design with a feel good factor

styleGREENs reindeer moss products are particularly popular due to their special look, and feel, as well as to the noise reducing property of the flameproof and maintenance free material, that is ISO 345 certified and thus reduces noise up to 50%. What more, reindeer moss is especially designed for indoor purposes (e.g. in bathrooms), as it acts as a very good indicator for optimal air moisture. Moreover the lichen, which by the way is very popular amongst reindeers, has a very high good feel factor: It ensures a sane room atmosphere and may also help reduce respiratory deseases.

Green scopes of design

The offer includes bidimensional and threedimensional, bright and/or dark green reindeer moss designer pieces, available in different styles and shapes. You may also give your imagination free rein, by adding flex elements of island moss. This frame-free Do-it-yourself system consists of island moss mats, available in two different sizes. In order to create your individual design you will simply have to trim the mats, eventually bend them and apply them by using the velcro tape. That way your walls will easily get a new look!